The Nijkerk Group has emerged as a leading Industrial Information Technology group with specialist Systems Providers
in the markets segments of:

  • IP Networking Infrastructure,
  • EUF & Transport System applications,
  • Industrial Computer Technology & Broadcast systems engineering
  • Distribution of Electronics Components.
Founded in 1959, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, the group currently has operations in Belgium, France & The Netherlands serving an strong economic region of 81 million citizens with infrastructural programs and emerging industries.


The world is becoming increasingly mobile resulting in a society that is marked with a desire to receive 7/7 24/24 real-time information on conditions of the Roads, Traffic, Security, Healthcare & the Environment. Whether it is hard-core Information or pure Entertainment, the current Infotainment society needs to be structured to meet the demands of contemporary consumers.

The prime domain for the Nijkerk Group is to address the information technology business challenges in these market segments in North-Western Europe, set in the background of a financially stable business environment. The platforms of our business offer opportunities for growth for each of the team members at the Nijkerk Group – learning the appetite of how to apply new technologies successfully in the environments of our customers. These business environments are safeguarded by management teams that are associated to their business for the long term with financially strong companies. We strive to long term relationships with all our stakeholders in Industrial Information Technology.